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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Summer Programs from TULA Philippines

The Ultimate Learning Accelerator or simply TULA, is an award-winning tutorial program founded by international education experts. It is recognized by Globe Future Makers, the Australian Government and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Solve).  TULA kids consistently get higher grades at school and build essential 21st century skills for their future. 

This summer, TULA is offering two exciting programs, where the kids can either help save the world in KID LEGENDS or create their own world in ART ATTACK

Kid Legends

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

The Kid Legends program will let kids explore real-world challenges affecting the earth and their future. 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Lessons include learning how to protect endangered animals, build solar ovens (Cool, right?), create and launch their very own awareness campaign. 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Kid Legends is offered in three of their branches. 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Art Attack: Create Your Own World

In Attack Attack, TULA kids will unleash their creativity and experiment with different art forms.

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Activities include designing their own logo, building their own sculpture and even curating their own art gallery. 

Art Attack is only available at TULA LEGASPI. 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Both these programs will let your kids make new friends, learn more about society, and build essential skills, character, and attitude. 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

Dates and Schedule 

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

The admission fee is P500 only, which already includes a cap and a notebook. They also have awesome and pocket-friendly payment schemes where you can pay P800 weekly or pay P5,600 upfront (and save P800!).

Summer Programs 2018 from TULA Philippines

If you're ready to sign up, just click on the picture of your chosen program below.

 Sign up for Kid Legends here!          Sign up for Art Attack!

To learn more, you can visit the TULA Facebook Page or their website. #LearnmorewithTULA

Friday, March 16, 2018

Awesome Easter Egg Hunt Parties in Metro Manila 2018

In two weeks, we will be celebrating Easter Sunday. If you still don't know where you will be celebrating, there are a lot of Easter events that will be happening around the metro. 

To help you in your decision, I handpicked a bunch of awesome Easter egg hunt parties as well as amazing Easter weekend staycation promos that will make your kids really EGGcited. Check them out below: 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Splash Math: The Fun Way To Learn

I hate Math! I always said that being a doctor would be perfect for me because there would be little math involved. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, there are tons and tons of numbers and a whole bunch of formulas to be solved in the field of Medicine.

Henry, being my son, took after my dislike for the subject. Give him any other homework and he would finish it in a heartbeat. But, with math problems, it would take him hours to finish. This disdain for it has caused us many arguments, math anxiety for him and of course, a toll on his grades.

Enter, Splash Math.

Splash Math is an interactive math program available on the web or any iOS device. Math skill levels starting from Kindergarten to Grade 5 are available in this app. It makes learning fun through games and rewards.

What I like about my Splash Math is that it challenges my son to answer each question correctly and thus helping him gain mastery of certain math skills. it also provides explanations for the wrong answers.

As the parent, I choose which Math skill sets he will solve for the day. I make sure that it will be congruent with his lessons in school. Parents are given the chance to preview the math problems and try to answer it themselves. Henry is currently in 4th grade and Splash Math covers their currrent topics such as PEMDAS, Algebra, Fractions and Geometry.

Another thing that I like about this app is that it is available anytime and anywhere. Henry uses his laptop for it at home, and when we go out, he can access it through my iPhone.

Splash Math gives you reports on how your child is doing with regards to his math skills. So, even if I am on duty at the hospital, I can easily track his progress.

Splash Math also has separate apps for each grade level. However, I prefer the all-in-one Splash Math Grades K-5 app since it makes it easier to go back to lower levels for when Henry needs to review his basics. 

Splash Math is available online via their website and on the App Store.


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