BC Bloggers

Sunday, October 7, 2012

BC Bloggers

When I was in college, everyone had a blog. Back then, my blog posts were about boyfriends, my gimmicks, rants about things not going my way, and stuff like that. Now that I've become a mom, I've found myself reading mommy blogs everyday. So now, I decided to join these mommies and blog again, mostly to document my little Henry growing up.

I've noticed that most of the mommy blogs that I visit have this BC blogger badge. I became curious and clicked on it. BC Bloggers was started by Paula of Mommy Diary. According to Paula, this club will help you meet with like minded bloggers and maybe even earn a little on the side.

I'm most specially excited about the BC Blogger Meme, where they give you an interesting topic to write about.

If you want to join BC Bloggers as well, just click on the badge.


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