Henry says the darndest things

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Henry says the darndest things

Henry was a late talker.  Even at the age of three, he would still baby talk and he was having a hard time trying to be understood.  But this year, Henry had a "vocabulary explosion". He has finally been able to say his mind in complete sentences. Since then, I started to post them on Facebook and I decided to share them all of you here. 

June 15, 2011
Here's Henry's first perfectly constructed sentence:
"Mommy, I want an orange laptop."

January 31, 2012
Henry telling the dog to go inside the cage:
"Bugsy! Go to your room!"

February 14, 2012
Me talking to Henry
Me: What's your name?
Henry: My name is Henry.
Me: How old are you?
Henry: I am 4 years old.
Me: Where do you live?
Henry: I live AT HOME. 

April 17,2012
Me: sinong umutot?Henry: Yung pwet ko. 

June 17, 2012
sweetest thing I heard today:
"Mommy, put your cellphone down. Hug me!"

September 3, 2012
Me: Good night baby.
Hery: I'm not a baby, I'm a kid. Say Good night kid.

September 11, 2012
Henry: Mommy, ang kulit nung pancit canon. Ang init!

September 12, 2012
Henry: Mommy, sa birthday ko shout kayo ng "Surprise!!" tapos madaming bata.

September 14, 2012
Me and Henry arguing about what he'll wear
Henry: No mom, that's for babies
Me: But Henry, you're still my baby
Henry: No, I'm a kid. Bata na ako. Bata!

September 19, 2012
I don't know if I should be happy about this
Henry talking to his dad about me:
"Hindi yan sexy, maganda lang.

And here's the latest, just last night, October 5, 2012
Henry: "Daddy, I'm hungry!"
*checks the cookie wrapper in front of his dad*
"Oh! You UBOS-ed it. Hmph!"

Oh my dear Henry, please don't grow up too fast. I love having these conversations with you. 

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