Yes Mommy Workshop: How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yes Mommy Workshop: How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand

Isn't it frustrating that even if how many times you say "No!" to something your kids would want to have or do, they would not stop making kulit until they get it?

Often times, I would explain to Henry why he can't do this or that. But still, he would not listen and I in turn would lose my patience and start raising my voice. At this point Henry would give me this heartbreaking look, smoothen my angry forehead and say, "Mommy, please don't get mad." Oh, the many times that I wished it would not get to that point and that I would not see that sad look on his face that makes me feel like a bad mother.

A couple of months ago, I came across, a website that focuses on positive parenting. Jayme, the Optimommy, encourages parents to practice patience with your children and gives tips on how to communicate with children persuasively and lovingly. Since then, I've been following her blog and sometimes when Henry is makulit and I feel like I'm about to lose my temper, I take a moment and ask myself, WWJD? (What would Jayme do?)

Now, Jayme, together with Manila Workshops, presents to us's advocacy of positive parenting with a workshop called, "Yes Mommy: How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand". This will happen on December 15, 2012 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in Pasig City. For more details, check out the poster below.

"Yes Mommy" will focus on practical tips and tools to build a foundation of good communication with our young children. Topics include:
  • Self Talk for Mommies: Why positive communication begins with you
  • How to understand your child’s personality
  • How to adjust your communication style based on your child’s personality
  • The Three Elements of Positive Communication: Crucial factors to encourage your children to listen and understand
  • How to say "no" by saying "yes"

Interesting, isn't it? If you think this will help you, do join  and sign up through this form. I know I'm going. Hope to see you there too!

UPDATE: Good news! Since it's the Season of Giving, Jayme decided to give you, my blog readers, more than 50% off. Just type OPTIMOMMYDITAS in the discount code box and you get to attend for only P500. 

Workshop fee already includes lunch and snacks plus give away goodies from their generous sponsors.

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