Mommy Approved: Kidzville Play and Party Center

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mommy Approved: Kidzville Play and Party Center

Kidzville Play and Party Center

Finally! We went to Kidzville in Podium. Last Wednesday, Henry and I headed out to Ortigas for a playdate with his little cousins. 

I have passed by Kidzville a couple of times, but it was always full. There was always a birthday party going on. So, we never braved to come inside. Luckily, only a couple of kids were there when we arrived. 

We went to their Playmaze (active gym) first. Playmaze is an obstacle course for kids - lots of climbing up and down. There are 3 long slides which the kids love. They also have a ball pit, but there were no balls when we arrive since they had just cleaned the pit.

Here's our little brood posing on top of the slide. As you can see, it's a looooong way down. 

Kidzville Play and party Center
It's a looooong way down. 

After half an hour in the Playmaze, we decided to move to their pretend village. It was a small community full of mini's - a mini hospital, a mini garage, a mini barn, a mini fire station, a mini grocery and a mini cafe. 

Henry's first stop was at Noah's Hospital. He liked playing with the X-ray view light box. They had real x-ray films.

A Mini Hospital at the Pretend Village
This little man enjoyed the Village Shoppe, where he kept coming back. As you can see, even the push cart was made for kids. 

This is my balikbayan godson, Eidan. Visit his mommy's blog,
kidzville play and party center
My cute little nephew pushing the mini cart
My personal favorite is Sweet Kei's Café since we got to sit down, even for a little while. Here.we pretended to have a tea party. 

kizville play and party center

Kidzville Play and party Center
Inside Sweet Kei's Café
kidzville play and party center
Our server

Here are the other areas in the Village

The Country Barn
Superman's Payphone

Kidzville also has an area for mommies where they can have their nails done while their kids play. Here's my cousin, Liz of Butterflylilies. She got to relax while I watched her kid.

kidzville play and party center

What I like about Kidzville is that it's very well-maintained and clean if you compare it to other mall-based play centers. When we were inside the "café", I noticed that there were a couple of Kidzville employees outside. Apparenly, they were on stand-by to pick up after the mess we have created. 

Although the price might look expensive compared to the others, I found it sulit or just right. Kidzville is a 2-in-1 play center that consist of an active gym and a mini village. Other mall-based play centers offer only an active gym or a mini village but never both. 

We are definitely going back here and we are looking forward to another playdate with the cousins.

KIdzville is located at the 4th floor of the Podium Mall in Ortigas Center.

UPDATE: Apparently they changed their name to KidzCity now. 

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