Henry's Birthday Party in School

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Henry's Birthday Party in School

It's almost March! Can you believe it? Time really flies so fast. It's been almost a month since we celebrated Henry's 5th birthday.

Aside from our simple celebration at home, we also planned a class party so Henry can celebrate with all his friends. As much as i wanted to DIY everything, The only thing I got to do myself were the invitations.

Of course, the theme was still Toy Story (his favorite). So, I made a Woody-inspired western cowboy invitation. I'm still thinking if I should offer this design in Party Impressions.

My DIY Cowboy Invitation

 To match his invitation, I ordered a Woody-inspired cake from Happy Endings. I was so glad that they accepted my order even with only a 3-day notice. Henry loved his cake. And, it was yummy.

Cake by Happy Endings

Close up of Woody

For the food, party favors and hosting, we opted to avail of a McDonald's take out party. Henry chose them since they had a Toy Story theme party. Although, they had set meals, they also gave me the option to create my own meal. I love how they offered to change the sodas into fruit juices since they will be serving little kids. There were no additional fees for take out parties. But, we did give them money for transport.

My birthday boy with the game prizes and favors from McDonald's
I noticed that they had a different program for school parties compared to their in-house parties. For starters, the candle blowing was in the beginning of the party.


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 ♫ Happy Birthday to you  
The girls playing The Boat is Sinking
Henry joined the boys in playing Pass the Toy

Trip to Jerusalem

Ooops! No more chair for the birthday boy
It was 2 hours of fun and games. Henry is the only kid here at our house. So, it was really nice seeing him interact with all his classmates. Hopefully next year, I get to DIY the whole party.

with his classmates

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