Henry's Mom, M.D.: Our Post- Valentine's Date at the Mind Museum

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Post- Valentine's Date at the Mind Museum


When the Mind Museum tweeted that they were giving away 2 tickets to MindBurst: A Science Love A'Fair, I immediately when on a Twitter rampage. We haven't been to The Mind Museum yet so I thought this was the perfect time to do so, for free! They wanted geeky pick up lines, and who knows geeky picky lines better than a med student, right? 

Below were my tweets that got RT'ed by The Mind Museum. Yes, they were corny I know. But, I found them cute as well. And, they were enough to score me 2 tickets. So, yay!!

Before I tell you all about our experience, let me tell you about MindBurst first. MindBurst is a monthly event held at The Mind Museum. They have different themes each month. And there are exhibits, interesting talks and fun activities during the MindBurst. 

Too bad the hubby had classes that day. But, I was happy that I got to drag my mother-in-law with me. I only had 2 tickets, so I had to pay an extra P150 for Henry. 

When we arrived, the lecture on how the hormone Oxytocin affects love was about to start. The Mind Museum's curator was the one who gave the talk. Hopefully I get to write about it soon. 

But what we really came for were the fun experiments that they were tweeting about. The Mind Movers (their resident scientists) had prepared a bunch of experiments that appealed not only to the kids who were there, but to the adults as well.

Once it started, Henry got very excited and eagerly volunteered to help. 


For the first experiment, the Mind Mover taught us how to make slime. I didn't know how easy it was to make slime. You just need to mix equal parts of water, glue and borax. (But where do i get borax?)

Here's Henry mixing all the ingredients to make slime. Mindburst

Another cool experiment was when they "burned" money. My mother-in-law was game enough to participate in this activity. She volunteered her P20. They dipped the paper money in this alcohol/water solution and lighted it with actual fire.


Voila! Once the first was out, her paper bill was still intact. Galing noh?

See the P100 bill waiting to get burned?
One of favorite ones was when made cloud come out of a coke bottle. For this experiment, you just fill up about 1/8 of the coke bottle with alcohol. Then pump it with air, seven times to be exact.


Then, poof! Out goes the cloud. The bottle was very cool to touch.


When the experiments were over, we decided to go outside. Since we only had MindBurst tickets, we couldn't roam around the museum. The consolation though was that the tickets were good enough for their outdoor park where bubbles, sounds and slides await.





Look inside and see through the eyes of these animals.

I'm glad that I brought Henry to MindBurst. After all, its not everyday that you can do the experiments that you read about on Science books. Hopefully, we can visit the inside of the museum soon when we are complete.

To know more about MindBurst or The Mind Museum, visit them at J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave, Taguig City, Philippines or visit their website: http://www.themindmuseum.org

You can also like their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter.

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