Our Mother's Day at Abe

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Mother's Day at Abe

Hey dear Mommies! How was your Mother's day celebration? I hope you had fun and spent it with your families.

I was lucky enough not to be on duty that Sunday. Thus, I got to spend Mother's Day with my Henry.

I received the sweetest letter that morning. 

The boys also treated me and the mother-in-law to a special late lunch/early dinner at Abe in the new Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. This restaurant is starting to become one of our favorites. Abe serves Filipino food, mostly Capampangan in origin. 

Good Housekeeping was there too. They gave complimentary fruit shakes to all the mothers that dined that day. 

Here's the MIL with her shake.
Our Mother's Day at Abè

Our Mother's Day at Abe

We had our usual order of Knockout Knuckles (Crispy pata), Kare-kare and Gising-gising. Each serving was good for 3-4 persons. 

Our Mother's Day at Abe

They were all sooo delicious. Henry especially loved the crispy pata which went prefectly with the gising-gising. I'd have to say my favorite was the Kare-kare. 

Our family shared a very scrumptious meal but most of all we were just glad to have spent time with each other. 

The husband also treated me to some shopping, which made me extra happy. LOL. 

Our Mother's Day at Abe

Our Mother's Day at Abe

I hope you enjoyed Mother's day as much as I did. How did you spend your Mother's day? Please, do share. 

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