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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sex and Pregnancy: Is it safe to do it?

Valentines Day is just around the corner. And although it is not the only way to celebrate the occasion, many of you might wonder, is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

The answer is YES! 

Many pregnant women are hesitant to have sexual contact. About 50% of first-time moms are afraid of "doing it". Most are fearful that they might hurt the baby or that it would be dangerous for the pregnancy.  But according to studies, as long as you have a healthy pregnancy or considered "low risk" then sex is generally considered safe.  

However, there are some conditions where sex is not advised. These are the following: 
  • threatened preterm labor
  • placenta previa
  • vaginal bleeding 

Just like any activity that you would like to engage in during the pregnancy,  you may still want to clear it out with your healthcare provider or doctor. It is still best that you talk with him/her regarding your fears and concerns about sexual contact during pregnancy. Do not be embarrassed. But if you have been told no, then don't worry. Cuddling is also great.



  1. I agree it is still safe. But it is up to woman if she still wants to do it. Some pregnant women do not like it at baka magspotting. :)

  2. OO nga pala, valentines day is near na. There are other ways to celebrate this season of love naman. Women generally likes to be adored and given attention - and swak na yun. As for the sex, after birth na siguro hahaha :D

    1. LOL. That's why i said it's not the only way to celebrate the occasion. BUt just in case people are curious. hahaha.

  3. From my experience, it was actually safe but it still depends on your situation. We can tell from our pregnant body if its ok. But it is still best to consult your OB at your own risk.

    1. Definitely best to clear it with an OB first just like any other for of strenuous activity. :)

  4. Hahaha I also asked this question sa OB ko when I got pregnant for the first time. It really depends on your condition and if you're comfortable with it. :)

  5. Yeah I had the first one during my pregnancy with the eldest so tiis tiis si mister haha


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