New Year, New Tradition

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Tradition

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fun NYE celebration. Our family had a simple celebration at home.

Usually, after we have our Media Noche, the hubby and I would go to our neighbor's house to grab a few drinks. It was a tradition the he has kept with someof our neighbors (his childhood friends).

This year, we did things differently and stayed at home. After our Media Noche preps, the hubby and the father-in-law decided to have their drinks.

My father-in-law then had the brilliant idea of playing a board game. So hubby brought out the Scrabble game board. The two of them plus the mother-in-law and I gathered around and played while we waited fo the New Year countdown. We had so much. The game brought out each one's competitive side.

New Year, New Tradition
Started in 2012, Finished in 2013

When the clock struck 12, we all ran outside and paused our game. We watched as fireworks displays from different houses filled the sky. I told Henry to jump as many times as he could. So he would grow taller, the elders would say. Since we didn't have firecrackers, our little guy enjoyed blowing the air horn.


After the fireworks display, we went back inside to finish our game. Which was followed by another round of Scrabble and then another. It was such a fun family bonding. Especially since my father-in-law, an OFW, goes home from Saudi only during the holiday season. We ended up having four rounds of Scrabble, 2 of which my mother-in-law won. We all stayed up until 6am just playing, laughing and sharing stories.

It was a celebration that we all enjoyed and it made us closer as a family. This was one New Year's Eve that we would all never forget. We decided to make Scrabble a part of our NYE tradition. And when Henry grows a little bit more, hopefully he will join us as well.
Our simple NYE celebration
P.S. The mother-in-law doesn't drink, she was just holding the bottle.

Does your family have a New Year's Eve tradition? How did you spend New Year's Eve?

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