April 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My mad dash to Henry's graduation

I looked down at my watch, it was 8am. I was still stuck inside the waiting area before my practical exam starts. I look around and I see some of classmates doing some last minute reading, others were reviewing each other with questions and some were already agitated because of the exam they're about to take. I was already agitated myself. You see this was not just an ordinary exam day for me. It was also Henry’s moving up day from kindergarten which was also scheduled at 8am. I didn’t want to miss this big day for my son. I wanted to be there for him.

It was a moving exam which means we had to take it by groups. I had already asked my professor in advance if I could go with he 1st group since my son was graduating. It was a great thing that she agreed. Thank you Dr. Alvarado! 

At 9am, the exam was over and just in time. I looked at my phone and found a text from the husband. “The program is about to start”, it said. I thought, well great! I would still able to make it and maybe miss only the opening ceremony. I ran to the nearest bathroom and changed my clothes since I was still in my school uniform. Luck was on my side as I immediately got a cab. 

On my way to the venue, the husband and I exchanged text messages. He gave me a blow-by-blow on what was going on during the ceremony. Henry had already performed twice, he recited a poem and had a song number with his classmates and I missed it. I felt like such a bad mother.
Henry's kindergarten graduation

Henry's kindergarten graduation
Singing Put a little love in your heart
I was 10 minutes away from the venue when I got a text that the giving of the diplomas was about to start. They were giving it by section and Henry’s class was going to be the 2nd to be called. I had time. Maybe I was going to see this one, I thought to myself. I was almost there anyway. I was getting nearer and nearer. 

Finally, the cab stopped in front of the venue. And just when I was about to step out of the cab, my phone I heard my phone make a sound. It was a text message from my husband saying Henry had just received his diploma. I can’t believe I missed this as well. 

I ran up to the auditorium just before they were about to sing the closing song. I went near the area where the graduates were and saw Henry. I saw him look back at me and gave me a wave. He had a big smile on his face and it was just so lovely to look at. I hope he did not notice that I was not present during the rest of the ceremony. I’m really glad I still made it even for just the final minutes.

Henry's kindergarten graduation

Henry's kindergarten graduation
Family picture with our graduate. I'm still in my school shoes. 
Looking back on this day, I realised that I may not be always there for Henry, for his big moments. After all, it wasn’t just his graduation. Last year, I spent Christmas Eve and New Year’s day at the hospital, away from my family. As a young doctor, there are times when I will be on duty and I will be on call. I just hope that he will understand. I can’t promise that I will always be there but I promise that I will exhaust every means just to try to make it.

Have you ever missed a child's big moment? When was it and how did you make up for it?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kid's Academy Preschool and Kindergaten Learning App Review

Today I'm here to review Kid's Academy's Preschool and Kindergarten learning games app. Kid's Academy is one of the leading children's app developers. 

Kid's Academy App Review

App Description from the iTunes Store
"Based on the proven Montessori learning method, Kids Academy develops spelling, writing and reading skills through fascinating games!This app is created to make fun more educational! The app goes beyond simply great graphics and beautiful music by engaging children to learn preschool basics through intriguing game play. Toddlers will start with easy tracing by collecting fireflies in a jar and will move gradually to tracing requiring more developed fine-motor skills. The basic skills in this app are foundations for reading, writing and arithmetic operations. Appropriate hints are provided to support your children as they practice and build their skills."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Life, New Beginning, New Wardrobe? - My Zalora Picks

I finally did it and it still seems surreal! Your blogger, dear readers, has graduated from medical school. Finally, I am Henry's Mom, M.D.  It was a long road to M.D.-hood and it was all so worth it. However, the real journey is just about to begin.

In 2 weeks, I will be starting my postgraduate internship. It's an on-the-job training for graduates of Medicine where we rotate in different departments and be exposed to different medical and surgical specialties. Besides all the learning and experience that I will have, one thing I am also excited about is that I finally get to wear that white doctor's coat! It just makes my M.D.-hood more legit! Teehee!


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