Mom, Santa Claus isn't real

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mom, Santa Claus isn't real

At this age, I can say that I’m still a kid at heart. I’m like a 10-year old trapped in a 20-something year old’s body. I still love all things magical and I still wish that fairytales can happen in real life. This is why I want to preserve Henry’s childhood as much as possible. I want him to believe in magical things, that the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus are all true because they give him something to look forward to.

However, just last week, he went home from school and said to me, “Mom, Santa Claus isn’t real, my classmate said so.” He believed it which crushed my heart a little. I couldn’t convince him that Santa really do existed.

But one day, at the mall. This happened.

Yup, Santa was standing in a corner. Henry was like, “Mommy, he’s here. what is he doing here? He’s real after all.” And just like that, he believed again. Hopefully, he’ll do anything to stay on Santa’s nice list.

Does your child still believe in Santa Claus?

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